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Clock Kitchen

Clock Kitchen is here to help you gain access to and intensify your sensory experience of Morocco. From recipe to souk, through preparation to plate, Clock Kitchen, located in the gastronomic capital of Fez, will […]


Welcome to Cafe Clock

Café Clock has hands ticking rhythms to multiplying metronomes. From Fez to Marrakech, Cafe Clock embodies the grand diversity for which Morocco is celebrated.  Clock fuses and celebrates the rich traditions and playful manifestations of […]


Clock Culture

Clock features a growing program of cultural activities!  We’re always looking for fresh collaboration.  Have an idea for an activity?  Come over for a coffee and let’s chat! More than a coffeehouse, Clock Culture commissions […]

Latest News From Morocco


Moulay Idriss II the Founder of Fez

Idris II was born two months after the death of Idris I. His mother Kenza, the wife of Idris I was the daughter of the chief of the Berber Awarba tribe. Idris II, having never met his father, […]


Fes: A time traveler’s delight

Every week, Inside Africa takes its viewers on a journey across Africa, exploring the true diversity and depth of different cultures, countries and regions. Fes, Morocco (CNN) – Fes is Morocco’s oldest city, and in many ways, it […]

Moroccans take to tech

A fresh survey in Morocco on digital behaviour revealed that 84% of respondents had at least one personal IT device, with nearly two-thirds owning a laptop. Almost half of Moroccans own a desktop computer and […]

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