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Clock Kitchen

Clock Kitchen is here to help you gain access to and intensify your sensory experience of Morocco. From recipe to souk, through preparation to plate, Clock Kitchen, located in the gastronomic capital of Fez, will […]


Welcome to Cafe Clock

Café Clock has hands ticking rhythms to multiplying metronomes. From Fez to Marrakech, Cafe Clock embodies the grand diversity for which Morocco is celebrated.  Clock fuses and celebrates the rich traditions and playful manifestations of […]


Clock Culture

Clock features a growing program of cultural activities!  We’re always looking for fresh collaboration.  Have an idea for an activity?  Come over for a coffee and let’s chat! More than a coffeehouse, Clock Culture commissions […]

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Nozhat Al Hakawati

Nozhat Al Hakawati , the First storytelling festival in Fez, from 17th to 19th June, the festival will be held in Recif Square, Bab Boujloud Square and Riad Alif.   Programe: Friday 17 June – […]


The 5 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Fes

Fes is full of tempting and inviting restaurants which showcase the best of Moroccan cuisine, serving delicious dishes of couscous and tajine amongst much more. Although often meat heavy, vegetarians need not despair, as there […]

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R.I.P David Bowie

David Bowie has died following an 18-month battle with cancer. He was 69 years old. Bowie’s death comes just three days after the release of his 26th studio album, ★ (Blackstar). The album’s preoccupation with […]


18 lieux à visiter en 2016 (18 places to visit in 2016)

1. Normandie, France Peresanz / Getty Images Kanuman / Getty Images Il faut explorer les magnifiques paysages de Normandie cette année. Avec le départ du Tour de France 2016 du Mont-St-Michel et lefestival trisannuel Normandie […]

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Eid Al Adha Mubarak

Cafe Clock Team wishes you  ALL a vry happy and peaceful Eid, for this occasion Cafe Clock will be closed for two days (Thursday & Friday) Thanks,  

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