Welcome to Cafe Clock

Café Clock has hands ticking rhythms to multiplying metronomes.

caffe-belli-del-mondo-cafe-clock-fezFrom Fez to Marrakech, Cafe Clock embodies the grand diversity for which Morocco is celebrated.  Clock fuses and celebrates the rich traditions and playful manifestations of modern Moroccan culture.  Your participation is requested in this joyous exchange of ideas, beats, stories, laughter, harmonies, and movement.

Art exhibitions adorn our walls, enjoy terraces, libraries, and great spaces to exchange ideas and share culture!  Cafe Clock offers two institutions increasing dialogue, culture, arts in Morocco and everyone is participating.

b8c07fd821a670f3ab6dd142a9aac4f20d8a7687Discover us in Marrakech and in Fez! Marhba!