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Dazed & Confused by Mhamed Mrani Alaoui

  No matter the medium, technique or format, the value of the canvas is found in the event it creates and the emotions it brings. At the intersection of Arabic calligraphy and contemporary painting currents, Mhamed Mrani, in his own words “plays with colours in order to extract the poetic spirit so keeping dreams alive. Like […]

Soiré De Gala

The ‘CineClub’ of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Fez is planning on Wednesday, April 27 their 7th edition of  celebrating cinema. The film shown will address the theme “Morocco and the fight against corruption” –  guests of honor will include officials of TLC (MCC) and filmmakers, including those who worked on the feature […]

Tara Stevens discusses her new Clock Book

Tara Stevens, renowned travel writer, published author, foodie and general bon vivant and a good friend of ours no less, spoke to us about her newest book, Clock Book: Recipes from a Modern Moroccan Kitchen.   Tara Stevens, Photo Cred: Julius Honor

Clock Workshops

Enrich your time in Fes by attending one (or more!) of Cafe Clock’s workshops. We offer a host of activities designed to make your time in Fes as rich as it can be. There’s our Cooking School for those interested in learning how to prepare some traditional Moroccan recipes which includes an unforgetable morning of shopping […]

Cafe Clock CD

Cafe Clock is full of music with live concerts, impromptu music sessions and recordings from around the world. Now, you can take this music home with you and enjoy the ambience of our multi-cultural cafe anytime you like. The Cafe Clock CD is a compilation of Fes’ very own musicians. From original compositions (Welcome to […]

Still Lifes and More

A new exhibition of art begins this Friday, September 24th at Cafe Clock. The artist, Abderrahim El Hassani, was born and raised right here in the medina of Fes and paints still lifes, landscapes and people who are quinessentially Fassi.  His oil paintings capture the look, feel and style of Fes and when you talk […]

Kareena Kapoor loves Morocco

Kareena Kapoor, the famed Indian actress, has been speaking about her love for Morocco. The actress, who is currently filming Agent Vinod with boyfriend Saif Ali Khan in the Moroccan city of Tangiers, revealed that she is enjoying working in the country because of its cultural similarities to India and its love of Bollywood “Saif […]

Travel by your Heart – Priyanka Singh

The city of Ajmer in Rajasthan, India, houses one of the greatest Sufi shrines of the world, that of the sufi saint Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisty.  Founder of the Chisty silsila, his love for the people led him to be called Gharib Nawaz, ‘caretaker of the humble and poor’. The love that reached out to […]

Marriage in Morocco – By Omar Errouch

Marriage is Morocco’s richest traditional event which is closely connected to ancestral traditions and customs. A joyful celebration and a welcome opportunity for a social gathering, marriage is celebrated for days. The wedding practices evolve around the beauty of the bride, the unity of the family of the two spouses and the life within community. […]