Rare Pictures of Fez Between 1913 and 1926


Rabat – Throughout the history of Morocco, the city of Fez has been the birthplace of culture, art and education. It is considered one of the oldest Morocco’s Four Imperial Cities, in addition to Rabat, Marrakech and Meknes. French Museum, Albert Kahn and Garden’s website has published thousands of photos taken in many parts in […]

Dazed & Confused by Mhamed Mrani Alaoui

  No matter the medium, technique or format, the value of the canvas is found in the event it creates and the emotions it brings. At the intersection of Arabic calligraphy and contemporary painting currents, Mhamed Mrani, in his own words “plays with colours in order to extract the poetic spirit so keeping dreams alive. Like […]

What’s Your Pleasure?

When you come to Café Clock, you have a variety of seating options. Depending on your mood, you can always find a place to match it. What’s your preference … cushions, a low stool? Maybe a small sofa — or perhaps a straight back chair? There’s even a throne or two! Take your pick. Feeling […]

Clock Culture This Week April 19 – April 25

CLOCK CULTURE CONCERTS: Sunday at Sunset                                             6:30pm Issawa Traditional music with percussion (20dh) Every WEDNESDAY at 6:30 pm Jam @ The Clock Young musicians play live music on the terrace (free) CLOCK CULTURE MOVIES: Thursday movie                                                6:30pm El-el-Khobzi Hafi directed by Rachid […]

Bazaar Guzzar

BLOGGERS UNEDITED Cafe Clock encourages writers to send examples of their work for Cafe Clock Online. The following piece by Colleen Cassar really captures the mood and madness found just outside Cafe Clock.  This is the first unabridged, unedited story we are publishing. We look forward to receiving your writings, too!   Having settled now […]

The Next Stage – Zanouba & Adil

Cafe Clock is happy to report Zanouba and Adil made the cut during the recent auditions for 1001 Arabian Nights in Rabat. Next stop: Casablanca where they are joining 40 other hopeful actors from around Morocco. Zanouba and Adil rose to the occasion under the direction of Tim Supple as they warmed up in a […]

Clock Culture This Week March 08 – March 14

CLOCK CULTURE CONCERTS : Sunday at Sunset 6:30pm Amdah soufia Suffi songs with drums (free) Every WEDNESDAY at 6:30 pm Jam @ The Clock CLOCK CULTURE MOVIES : Thursday movie                           6:30pm First Sunday Directed by David E. Talbert. With Ice Cube, Katt Williams, Tracy Morgan. Durell and LeeJohn are best friends and bumbling petty criminals […]