Flamenco Fusion Concert with The Italian band Almoraima @ Cafe Clock Fez on Saturday 19 November



Almoraima is a multi-ethnic group based in southern 
Italy that offers an original sound inspired by the
tradition of Gypsy music of Andalusia.
The group, which revolves around the figure of the 
flamenco guitarist Maximilian Almoraima, composer of 
the music and lyrics, benefits from the collaboration 
of the talented voice of Rachel Andrioli, who for his 
good command of modern singing style and his interest 
flamenco and world music is to have a great affinity 
with the musical aesthetic of the group. Apart from 
them, the group also is composed by the trumpeter 
Giorgio Remote, the Cuban bassist Pavel Molina and 
second guitar and percussion Giovanni Ceresoli.
Their musical journey has led to the publication of 
Amor Gitano, composed of nine original songs, which 
sound is combined with modern Arabic and oriental 
flamenco; Banjara, a journey full of sound and nomadic 
traditions, energy and spirituality, rituals, gestures 
and rhythms that evoke distant worlds;cantante and 
Cafè, where flamenco and Latin music are intertwined 
in a unique blend of sounds performed with  intensity 
and passion.