Cooking School

Gain access to a complete Moroccan sensory experience and the spices that give Moroccan cuisine its intense range of  flavors.

Chef Souad in Fez

Chef Souad in Fez

Clock Kitchen serves as your entry point to the secrets of Moroccan cuisine.  Our chefs express their pride in Moroccan culture through the traditional dishes they prepare, whether at Cafe Clock or at home for their families.  Our team of chefs have have gained their skills from their mothers and grandmothers. They’ll share with you the skills to prepare authentic Moroccan dishes as they’ve been prepared for generations!


At 10:oo, your day in the Clock Kitchen begins with tea or coffee with your chef-trainer.  Our chef will guide you in creating the menu for your course based on our  Cooking School Menu , which begins a day of close tutelage.  Next, you’ll visit the local souk, dodging the donkeys and bargaining with vendors, where your chef will help you shop for the fresh ingredients with which you’ll season and flavor your meal. Clock Kitchen students experience every part of the food preparation process!


Back in the kitchen, you’ll experience the warm hospitality at the heart of Moroccan cuisine that is the essence of the Clock Kitchen.  When you sit to enjoy the three-course feast that you have prepared by 3 pm, you will have gained an understanding of the seasoning that brings out the diversity of Moroccan flavours.

Don’t miss out on this unique sensory and cultural experience!


Book your place now by emailing either or (depending upon which city your course will be located in) or ask in person at Cafe Clock.  We also offer bread baking and Moroccan patisserie workshops– contact us to learn more!

A one-day cooking workshop costs 600 Dirham per person. For our 2-hour bread baking workshop with a visit to the Feran (600 year old community oven) or our one day patisserie workshop, contact as above.