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Three Moroccan Cities To Visit In 2017


By Steve Marks New York – Tourism in Morocco has gone from strength to strength in recent years. The country attracted 10.3 million visitors in 2016, contributing $6 billion to Morocco’s GDP. Morocco makes for an accessible and well-connected travel destination, yet offers a taste of a completely different way of life for foreign visitors. I visited […]

Rare Pictures of Fez Between 1913 and 1926


Rabat – Throughout the history of Morocco, the city of Fez has been the birthplace of culture, art and education. It is considered one of the oldest Morocco’s Four Imperial Cities, in addition to Rabat, Marrakech and Meknes. French Museum, Albert Kahn and Garden’s website has published thousands of photos taken in many parts in […]

Nozhat Al Hakawati

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Nozhat Al Hakawati , the First storytelling festival in Fez, from 17th to 19th June, the festival will be held in Recif Square, Bab Boujloud Square and Riad Alif.   Programe: Friday 17 June – 16h00 to 17h00 a debate about traditional storytelling and its rule in the society. ( IPDF center Batha)   22h00 […]

The 5 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Fes


Fes is full of tempting and inviting restaurants which showcase the best of Moroccan cuisine, serving delicious dishes of couscous and tajine amongst much more. Although often meat heavy, vegetarians need not despair, as there are plenty of places they can sample Moroccan delicacies meat free, with vegetable tajines, vegetable couscous and, of course, falafel. […]

R.I.P David Bowie

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David Bowie has died following an 18-month battle with cancer. He was 69 years old. Bowie’s death comes just three days after the release of his 26th studio album, ★ (Blackstar). The album’s preoccupation with death, dying, and the angst of being forgotten takes on a whole greater meaning in light of his passing. In a statement, Bowie’s […]

The Arabic Funk Of Fadoul, “Morocco’s Answer To James Brown,” Finally Released


Al Zman Saib album cover. The late Fadoul and his accompanying three piece band played energetic & aggressive funk songs in 1970s Casablanca. After a stint in Paris spent soaking up the music ofJames Brown and other American funk groups, Fadoul returned to Morocco to release records under Fadaul et les Privileges and other monikers. […]

18 lieux à visiter en 2016 (18 places to visit in 2016)


1. Normandie, France Peresanz / Getty Images Kanuman / Getty Images Il faut explorer les magnifiques paysages de Normandie cette année. Avec le départ du Tour de France 2016 du Mont-St-Michel et lefestival trisannuel Normandie Impressionniste ayant lieu dans la région, la culture sera plus présente qu’habituellement dans cette zone, et son architecture ancienne et […]

Morocco King & People’s Revolution Day


Morocco celebrates King & People’s Revolution Day as a public holiday. There are many public holidays, which are celebrated in Morocco all throughout the year. During public holidays the offices, schools, and other working places remain closed and the population enjoys these holidays by celebrating the special occasions. August 20 is the day celebrated by […]