Al Karaouin of Fez: The Oldest University in the World


Taroudant – The story of Al Karaouin University in Fez dates back to the 9th century when a wealthy family who left their original city Al kairouan (Tunisia) settled in Fez. After the death of the family’s father, Mohamed Ben Abdullah Al Fihri, who was a successful merchant, his only two daughters Meriam and fatima […]

This is why I Fell in Love with Morocco


By Marisa Fernandez – Buenos Aires, Argentina Although choosing an attractive destination for the holiday of a lifetime has always been on my mind, it is not an easy task. For me, travelling is not just a brief stay somewhere to relax; it is a true connection with a special place, people and culture. Visiting should […]

Smen Is Morocco’s Funky Fermented Butter That Lasts For Years


If you get a hankering for cheese in the western Maghreb, you may be stuck with an (imported) Laughing Cow triangle wrapped in tinfoil. Morocco doesn’t have much of a dairy tradition, but there’s one exception that dates back centuries: It’s called smen, and it’s a stinky, fermented butter made from sheep, goat or cow […]

“Multiculturalism and Democracy in North Africa after the Arab Spring,” A new book by Moha Ennaji


Fez – The prestigious British publishing house, Routledge, has just published a collective book entitled “Multiculturalism and Democracy in North Africa: Aftermath of the Arab Spring,” edited by Moroccan university professor Moha Ennaji. This book of 312 pages sheds light on the state of democracy in North Africa. It provides readers with a detailed understanding […]

Moroccan children mark Eid with new clothes


Moroccan children call it Hawayej al-Eid (“Eid clothes”). For poor families, Eid al-Fitr is the only chance for fathers to buy new clothes for their children. On the morning of Eid, children proudly don their new apparel. They visit neighbours and family members, eat sweets and pies, and receive “eidiya” – a small amount of […]

Crossing Borders in Diwan Sidi Abderahman Almejdoub: A Theatre Within a Theatre


By  Abdeladim Hinda Kenitra – Quiet hamlets in the Arif mountain valleys, spacious pastures on the slopes, lakes and dams here and there upheld in the chalice of the hills, fields green or yellow verging toward the blue Northern Mediterranean Sea and the Western Atlantic Ocean, villages and towns drowsy under the noon sun of July […]

Moroccan Darija vs Other Arab Countries’ Dialects


Many Middle Eastern singers are increasingly attracted to the Moroccan dialect, “darija,” as a new singing style, and they are snapping up opportunities to be admired by the Moroccan public. I describe this as a weird phenomenon because darija has always been seen by Middle Easterners as an odd dialect. Whenever you communicate in darija […]

Ramadan To Start on Sunday in Most Muslim Countries


Rabat – The holy month of Ramadan will start on Sunday in most Arab countries. The noon was not sighted in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Egypt, where they announced that the Ramadan would start on Sunday. Like every year, the non-sighting of the moon in most Arab countries will create confusion among Muslim living in […]

Morocco Banks’ partnership with Gulf to Strengthen Growth of Tourism: OBG


London – The partnership projects between Morocco and the Gulf countries should further strengthen growth and support the recovery of the tourism sector of the Kingdom, said London-based think tank, the Oxford Business Group (OBG) in a recent study.  With the aim to increase investment from the Gulf countries, minister of tourism, Lahcen Haddad, unveiled last […]