5 Reasons to Go To Morocco Now


By Carlotta Cavallari

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Oh, magical Morocco! I have discovered this amazing country relatively late, in 2014, thanks to a road trip that took me from Marrakech all the way up to Tangier. I left with a big desire to go back, buy a riad and just live there permanently! It truly is an incredible country.

Here are my five reasons why you should travel to Morocco now, and a few personal tips.

Moroccan Mint Tea


From beautiful beaches to canyons, lush forests to the Sahara desert, Morocco is a million countries in one. How crazy it is that near Fez there is a mountain town modeled after a Swiss ski resort, surrounded by a timber forest? I couldn’t believe my eyes, especially since we drove into it coming from sand dunes!

Shopping, just not in Marrakech

I dare anyone to leave Morocco without a bag full of all sorts of carpets, pottery, spices, Argan-everything – and the list goes on and on. Having traveled with just a backpack each, my boyfriend and I still managed to cram a brightly colored ottoman, amazing kilim cushions, enough mint tea to last us a lifetime, a leather bag and several jars of AMLOU (the “Moroccan peanut butter”, just a thousand times more delicious) into them.

Shop in Morocco.