Moroccan Pastry: Recipe for Lfekkas



Lfekkas is Moroccan cookies par excellence. They are so sweet with a very tempting shape and an irresistible natural aroma from the mixture of almonds and raisins. Moroccans prepare Lfekkas with different ingredients resulting in various tastes. Moroccan families keep Lfekkas along with other sweets and cookies at their disposal for expected guests that may show up any time. Culturally, it is served with tea for the evening snack. In wedding ceremonies and other Moroccan festivities, Lfekkas as well as other honeyed cookies and cakes are usually served with tea before principal meals.

Ingredients(for about 1.5 kilos of cookies)

4 eggs

½ cup sugar (or less)

½ cup oil (20cl)

½ cup almond (soaked in warm water to remove the peel easily and  cut into small pieces)

½ cup raisins

1 baking powder

1 kg white flour

 Ingredients for garnish:

1 egg

1 tsp instant coffee

mix the coffee and eggs and stir them very well

way of preparation:

In a large bowl, mix eggs, sugar and oil well until the sugar dissolves.

Put almonds, raisins, and baking powder then mix them gently for seconds.

Make long rods

Add flour little by little till dough becomes cohesive and soft.

From that cohesive dough, make 4 rounded balls (the size of a big lemon).

Make long rods from those balls and place them in an oven tray.

Spread the garnish above the rods

Spread the garnish above the rods and bake them for 15 minutes till their colour turn light brown (half cooked).

After taking them out of the oven cover them with a wet towel till they get cold then cut the rods diagonally to form good shapes.

Cut the rods diagonally

Finally, return the cookies again in the oven till their color become golden brown in both sides.
Served with tea or coffee.


By Layla Dahamou

Morocco World News

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