Urban Fabric Comes to Fes


For the past week, Fes has been one of 5 cities in 5 continents to be part of a unique art project entitled Urban Fabric. You may have noticed small gatherings of Moroccans, tourists and expat residents poised with sewing needle in hand over an embroidered map of the medina of Fes in public squares near Bab Boujloud, Batha and near Talaa Kbira.

This wonderful piece of interactive art has been added to and commented upon by passersby to mark their homes in Fes, embellish their favorite places and explain what places have special meaning for them.

Created by Liz Kueneke, this art project aims at provoking dialogue about each subject city by asking passersby a series of questions about their city, places they feel nostalgic about, places they are uncomfortable with or areas they feel are in need of development. The results of this 10-day interactive art project on Fes will be concluded at Café Clock, in association with Culture Vultures, on Sunday 21st of November at 4 p.m.

Don’t miss this last chance to add your own creative touches to the project.

Liz, who spent 500 hours embroidering the basic city maps, plans to bring an exhibition of the collective maps made in Bangalore, Quito, Barcelona, New York and Fez back next year with a catalogue and a video of comments from participants in each city.

When asked what surprised her about the project she noted it was the similarities between each place that were most surprising. She did add, however, that she was struck by how fiercely proud Fassi people are of their city and their country. And with good cause she added!

Come to Cafe Clock on Sunday to get Liz’s first hand observations about her experience in Fes.To see more photos of work on Urban Fabric in situ, visit The Urban Fabric on Facebook.

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