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Clock Kitchen is here to help you gain access to and intensify your sensory experience of Morocco. From recipe to souk, through preparation to plate, Clock Kitchen, located in the gastronomic capital of Fez, will chaperone you every step of the way.

Learn traditional Moroccan cooking with chef Souad, a member of the team who have helped make Café Clock cooking school the number one activity in Fez on, and ‘probably the best café in Morocco’ (Footprint’s Morocco Guide 2009). She has grown up with the secrets to traditional Moroccan cooking and is passionate about keeping them alive.

What better insight into the people of the ancient Fez Medina than by fully immersing yourself in the huge diversity of flavours that keep them going? If cooking is an expression of a culture, then Fez and Clock Kitchen are shouting out loud!!


Start the day at 10h00 am by choosing your personal menu (Menu Choices). Then it’s off to the souk, dodging the donkeys, bargaining with vendors, where Souad will get you shopping for the freshest and best ingredients. For Clock Kitchen students it’s ‘access all areas’!

Food sustains Fez and you can help sustain it too. By learning how to shop locally you will help traditional vendors stay that way.

By 3pm you will have practiced traditional techniques, understood the diversity of sumptuous flavours and be enjoying the 3-course feast that you have created. You will also have experienced the warm hospitality that’s at the real heart of Moroccan cuisine and is the essence of Café Clock’s Clock Kitchen!

Don’t miss out on this unique sensory and cultural experience!


Book your place now by contacting us at or if you are at Café Clock ask in person. A one day cooking workshop costs 600 Dirham per person. For our 2 hour bread-baking workshop with visit to the Feran (600 year old community oven) or our one day patisserie workshop contact as above.

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