Ricky Martin in Asilah


Not THAT Ricky Martin!

On any given weekday in Asilah, you’re likely to spot Ricky Martin moving about this lovely seaside resort as he shops for dinner or looks for new amenities to add to his charming little house. No, not that Ricky Martin, the other Ricky Martin … the one who teaches English at the American Language Center in Fes and owns that cute little 2-bedroom house with the lush rooftop garden in the casbah of Asilah.

While the two Ricky Martins share a lust for life and a penchant for entertaining, Morocco’s Ricky (sometimes called ‘Rocky’) has been coming and going here for years. With boundless energy he has been teaching English to Moroccan teenagers, restoring a unique, free-standing house in the medina of Fes, landscaping riad as well as terrace gardens and taking the train back and forth from Asilah where he manages rentals (including his own house) and takes advantage of the peace and calm of this Oceanside town to replenish his spirited soul.

Teacher, world-traveler, landscaper and real estate entrepreneur, Ricky is one of those rare individuals who take know how to advantage of all the opportunities life has to offer with gracious and heartfelt humor.


You can inquire about Ricky’s house in Asilah and also in Fes through this website. Just cut and paste the link above to see photos and information about Aislah or send an inquiry.

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  1. momo on 15/05/2013 at 20:49

    my dream is to meet ricky martin

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